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Category Archives: Freedom

Travelogue — Summit bound


Some memes surround activities as does fog by the Bay. Flying over the Sierra, Lake Tahoe about to slip below, it’s the kind of time where a disconnected writer is tempted to journal even without a blog client. This infamous travelogue. That’s right, a plain text editor (/usr/bin/emacs for me) is all between me and […]

Wiki mid-migration update


Howdy from your friendly Wiki Gardener crew. Saturday’s early-import of data from Moin Moin to MediaWiki went well, after the usual sunburn and problems with attachments. The new wiki is alive for work, but is subject to random outages as Ricky thinks of clever new things to make the final migration days go easier. Many […]

Is Fedora for newbies?


Last week I responded to an email sent to the address. Most of the replies we make to those emails are stock-answers, such as when they email that Fedora stole their website and replaced it with “your page,” or a pointer to the Fedora communicate and get help page. I felt compelled to […]

Should we use the CC when it’s not truly freeing?


If you haven’t read the well-reasoned article on about not using the non-commercial (NC) clause of the CC license, please do. Recently I saw Benjamin Mako Hill give a talk about free culture, and he showed some graphics that are several years old about the proliferation of CC licenses, especially which types are used. […]

Hate loves hate, but love loves love


Driving back from San Francisco, I thought the whole time about the fairly incredible afternoon I just had. Sometimes you are present, involved, or even instrumental in something that just might be the beginning of a whole new world of love, and the after glow is pretty sweet. OK, this wasn’t really like that, that’s […]

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful


Following up on my post about Jono Bacon’s topic of the ‘vocal minority’, I asked him directly to make it clear that when he is talking about this vocal minority, he really means a relatively small subset of people to whom freedom is the most important feature. Point made and taken. The resulting discussion followed […]

Big on freedom doesn’t mean rabid


I’m sure that Jono Bacon didn’t mean to equate everyone who insists on a 100% free software distribution with rabid people-kickers “full of vitriol.”  It just sounded as if that is what he meant to say.  And since he asked that when we observe people being vitriolic, negative, and oppressive of other’s choices in the […]

Hometown libre software love – Santa Cruz Public Library selects Koha


Caught this recently, our local public library has chosen an open source solution (Koha ZOOM) and provider because, “We are convinced that open-source products provide greater functionality and control over what we can do with an ILS system,” (Dan Landry, Director of IT for SCPL). From the press release I was pleased to read that […]

Solution to missing codecs in Fedora


/me looks at the date …

Document Freedom Day and a taste of bittersweet irony


While I was enjoying my colleague Ruth’s video for Document Freedom Day, I was struck by the irony that to get her message out widely, she was forced to write to a non-free format (Flash). “From our frying pan we leaped … and landed in another frying pan.” Fedora is often in this situation where, […]